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One half of FLASHLIGHTS CCERULEANN and the creative force behind CC/NN

For April’s guest mix things are getting extra funky.

(I’m a few days late in getting this up so my apologies.)

1. Vanessa - imprintafter

-This was a last minute addition. A friend, DJ baby shoe, suggested this track after he heard the others on this mix. I really enjoy this track. Really high quality chill wave with some Millionyoung like vocals. 

2. Know Me (Le Chev Remix) - Frankie Rose

-My sister recently bought a record player, and one of her first purchases was a Frankie Rose 7” with this remix on the B side. Just a chilled out low tempo disco type tune. Perfect for driving or just lounging around

3. Gold (Snakehips Bootleg) - Bondax

-The first time I heard this track I immediately thought it was off the new Justin Timberlake album, and as good as that album is, this track is leaps and bounds ahead of it. Smooth vocals with lots of awesome accent synths. 

4. Scarlett Grove - Maribou State

-This track just makes me want to be dancing in the jungle with this tracks lead vocals ripping through it. The percussion is amazing, and the minimal piano chords are a nice addition. A steady groove throughout the whole track will keep you dancing, or at least doing the hipster shrug.  

5. Sweet On U - Real Cosby (unreleased)

-From the new Real Cosby EP, Earl Juice, out 05/28/2013 on Shoeboxx Recordings. Real Cosby continues to drop new music that gets better and better. He is really honing his craft. His sound is familiar, yet has it’s own niche. I can’t wait for his new EP to drop. Big things happening in Colorado. 

6. The Hardest PartKisses

-I struggled including this track, because in the beginning of it, it doesn’t seem to fit so well. But this track just has a very special feeling for me. I have no idea what that feeling is or why I have it, but I really love the combination of “indie rock” fused with some awesome bass synths, and minimal synth pads. 

7. iPLayYouListen - ODESZA

-This song sucks you in with the intriguing vowel vocal chops, but keeps you cozy with some powerful undulating bass lines. It’s a nice place to be, fast enough to dance, but the feel is slow enough that you can just relax and enjoy the intricacies  of the background bells. 

8. Porcelain & Pewter - Vyxor

-VYXOR, what can I say about this pop genius? He’s taking contemporary electronic pop and not only injecting it with HGH, and steroids, but he’s making pop music interesting again. I LOVE pop, but it’s easy to lose yourself in it. You may not always fathom everything that went on in the track, but with Vyxor, your interest is piqued with every new crazy descending synth line or dazzling, perfectly in whack, break. I see big things for this guy in the future.   

9. Shooting Holes - Twin Shadow

- The little pickup that happens after the line, “Let’s sing a song, on our way back home” is the EPIC. And I hate using that word. It’s the ultimate pick me up. It says, “Hey remember that time you were sad? You don’t? Ya me either.” Plus who doesn’t want to shoot holes at the moon. 

10. I Can’t Believe You’re Leaving Me (Fulgeance Rework) - The Bar Kays

-This last song is another gem found by DJ babyshoe. The intro of this rework leads you to believe that you are in for a simple relaxing vibe throughout, but if you aren’t dancing like a crazy person to the sprinkler hi-hat’s and bass groove about forty seconds in, then you might want to check your pulse. 


Chad Valley- I Owe You (feat. Twin Shadow)

Back in August when I heard “Fall 4 U”, the first cut from Chad Valley's upcoming full length Young Hunger, I thought that it’d just be another quality release to add to the dozens that’ve already dropped this year, but now that I’ve heard the collaborative track between him and Twin Shadow titled “I Owe You" I’m thinking that Young Hunger is going to be way more than just another solid LP and more so along the lines of being one of the best pop albums or albums in general of 2012. Some of you may think that the whole 80’s comeback thing is starting to get played out or that it has been for awhile now but "I Owe You" goes well beyond being another song that’s influenced by a sound that’s over two decades old. What you get with this track is a pure, undeniably catchy pop gem and a astounding duet as well between two vocalists who are almost complete opposite yet who fit together perfectly. As I listen to it I’m holding back the urge to sing every word & possibly weird out most of the people sitting around me in the process but once I get a hold of Young Hunger on the 30th I don’t know if I’ll be able to stop myself any longer.  



Late nights spent in solitude are among the most fertile thinking grounds. The hours between when you should have gone to sleep and when your body forcibly shuts down are invaluable, inimitable moments. You enter into another state of existence, one ruled by blurry images and unconscious realities, and your mind is clear. Moments like these are perfectly accompanied by music, and I’ve compiled eleven tracks to soundtrack your own late night experience. Let them melt into and out of your brain. Be absorbed by the images. Forget about yourself and contemplate the fact that Earth and everything we and it have ever known are but tiny specks on the cosmic canvas, insignificant in every way and place, except for one: our minds.

These songs are carefully handpicked; the survivors of the truncation of a much longer playlist. The best of the best. Included are links to places where you can purchase physical copies of the albums from which these songs are taken (where applicable). 

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Rush Midnight-The Night Was Young Enough

Thanks to LYFSTYL I stumbled across this particularly funky, sensual track from Russ Manning and his new project under the alias of Rush Midnight. “The Night Was Young Enough” is the first single from Rush Midnight’s debut EP +1 and it’s just what you’d come to expect from a guy who’s been playing bass with Twin Shadow for the past two years. I don’t know if it’s Manning’s smooth vocals or the incredibly catchy, 80’s era vibe surrounding the track, but I’m loving every bit of it, and while I’ve come to realize that I shouldn’t use just one single as the main basis for an upcoming release, I’m willing to bet that +1 isn’t going to be something to disappoint. You can expect the EP to drop via Cascine on October 30th but until then check out more from Rush Midnight on soundcloud.


Chad Valley-Fall 4 U (feat. Glasser)

It always excites me when I see an artist that I’ve been following for awhile announce that they’re about to drop a full length, and it’s even better when said news comes with a promising track to get me hyped for what’s to come. Oxford resident Chad Valley has been filling my ears with lush and sensual dream pop ever since I first came across his debut self titled EP about a year ago and then he did it again (with a more polished sound) once I picked up his second EP Equatorial Ultravox. I caught word through his twitter that he’d be releasing something fresh and much to my surprise, news of his first LP accompanied the new track. “Fall 4 U" is the name of the first single from Valley’s upcoming album Young Hunger and right from the beginning it’s evident that he has taken the time to improve in every area.  The track is easily one of the smoothest things that we’ve heard to date from Chad and part of that sensual nature comes from the always pleasing vocals of Glasser (Cameron Mesirow). “Fall 4 U” sounds absolutely delightful in every way and though it isn’t saturated by hazy synths or bright, tropical electronics like a good bit of Chad Valley’s prior material, it still does a great job of setting the mood with its slow, sultry vibe and laid back pop feel. Young Hunger is scheduled to be released through Cascine on October 30th in the US and November 18th in the UK, and with guest appearances from the likes of Twin Shadow, Active Child, and more, it’s looking to be another solid release to add to the list of dozens that’ve already come out this year.


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