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Hawaiian Gremlins

—Mogwai Love

Hawaiian Gremlins – Mogwai Love

Sometimes I think that we should just sit back and think about how hard it would be to find new music without the help of the internet. We often take it for granted and really, it’s hard not to, but the fact that an artist can make something in another country, state, or even down the street and still have it reach listeners no matter where they might be is nothing short of extraordinary.

Early yesterday morning I was introduced to a trio out of Mexico by the name of Hawaiian Gremlins and now that it’s a day later I think it’s safe to say that they’re a shoe in for one of my new favorites of the year. With a peculiar yet lovable debut EP that blends the same charismatic, 80’s sway of New Order with the lush jangle of Beach Fossils, it’s hard to believe that these guys haven’t even been making music together for a full year but regardless, that hasn’t stopped me from wearing it out as much as possible during a 24 hour time span. Hawaiian Gremlins also happens to be a part of a fresh Mexico based digital label called RVRB Music that just dropped Vibe To The Future (Part 1) , a compilation highlighting even more great talent in their scene, and I highly suggest grabbing it along with their EP, Teenage Ways, over on bandcamp for whatever price you choose. 


—That's Cheap

Triathalon-That’s Cheap

Seeing as how I have submissions open, I’ve been trying to make more of an effort to actually go through them on a more day to day basis and if I needed any convincing then “That’s Cheap" surely did the trick. Hailing from Savannah, GA and making one hell of a first impression with a heavy dose surf rock vibes and an undeniable motown influence is the four piece known as Triathalon. Their latest EP, Seshing, is a vivacious three track release that isn’t afraid to lay on the charm and crank out the soul throughout its duration, and once you hit play you’ll be swaying along and taken away before you know it. Head over to bandcamp to grab it for a “name your own” price and be sure to check out a few other releases while you’re there.




Well it’s that time again and as always I’m quite excited. Young Latitudes recently dropped another new release and just as expected, it’s one that I’ve grown to be quite fond of. YL always demonstrates an ear for versatility among an array of talented artists and Like One, the debut EP from Austin, Texas duo Silkies, is no different. Silkies consists of Caufield Schnug and Lira Mondal and it’s fun from the second that you hit play. Mondal’s vocals are full of exuberance and the lyrics carries a certain charm that makes it incredibly hard to not be drawn in. The music fits the tone perfectly as well. Silkies sound like they came straight from a pop radio station in the 60’s and despite the season, their raw surf/ garage rock atmosphere is still incredibly appealing and catchy. Like One is a definite pick me up for any day and Silkies youthful nature is something that just about anyone can come to enjoy. You can grab a digital copy of the release by paying a “name your own” price over at bandcamp or if you want a cassette copy, you can pick up one by heading over to Heart Throb Records bandcamp and paying either 4 euros or $5.11. Also, don’t forget to go like the band on facebook to keep updated. 

Sin Kitty-Vanity Daze

Everyone can use a dose of psychedelia every now and then and Asheville four piece Sin Kitty is exactly what you should be prescribed for your listening pleasure. Their latest track, “Vanity Daze”, grips listeners right from the get go and it carries them through a haze of slow grinding ecstasy that’s full of psychedelic nostalgia and slight elements of surf rock to help pick up the pace. Some may argue that it’s not possible to get high off of music but then again they’ve probably never listened to a Sin Kitty track.  On the about section of their facebook page they describe themselves as “teenage voodoo pop” and I honestly can’t think of a more fitting description seeing as how I their sound had me completely spellbound. I post a lot about artists that are miles and miles away but at the end of the day it’s always good to see a band so close to where I live that I enjoy so thoroughly. If you head over to bandcamp now you can grab this single along with the two track release If You Wanna & the Wonder When EP for a “name your own” price and don’t forget to check out the band on soundcloud as well.