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Sexy Mathematics-Future Nights (Box of Wolves Remix)

I’ve featured Box of Wolves on the blog before when I posted about his Crawl EP and now he’s back with a nice remix for us all. “Future Nights" is a song originally done by indie dance rock band Sexy Mathematics and Box of Wolves has taken the track and turned into something completely different. This cover is drenched in luscious synths and smooth 808’s then backed by an R&B type vocal loop and also vocals from Box of Wolves. His take on “Future Nights” is definitely something that I could hear blasting in the club or playing at home to set the mood for a good night. You can visit Box of Wolves bandcamp page to grab his Crawl EP for free and don’t forget to head over to soundcloud to hear the rest of his tracks. The original is available on Sexy Mathermatics bandcamp for free but if you want the entire album (also titled Future Nights) it costs $10.