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Morgan Delt

—Sad Sad Trip

Morgan Delt-Sad Sad Trip

While bands like Tame Impala and Ducktails are steadily keeping psychedelic music alive and well with their latest releases, LA’s Morgan Delt is driving the hazy, reverb filled sounds of the genre to the brink of hallucination. On his debut album, Psychic Death Hole, Delt slowly strips listeners of their sanity and then casts them into a vast, blistering desert and though the release easily sounds like a drug induced nightmare, it’s tenebrousity is perfectly balanced  with layers of underlying  vibrancy. You can pick up the album now by heading over to bandcamp and paying $4 for a digital copy or $4.50 for a cassette copy. 


Here’s another great track that I found courtesy of the great people over at PORTALS. The song is called “Broke Haircut" and it comes from a Brooklyn five piece by the name of NIGHT MANAGER. Driven by female vocals and psychedelic garage rock vibes this latest single from the group offers a raw sound that’s soaked in reverb. I feel like I’m surrounded by a drug induced haze when I listen to NIGHT MANAGER, one that somehow picks me up and takes me all the way back to the sixties but not before making a small stop in the early nineties first. You can pick up their past three eps Ghost, Pizza Pasta, and /////// over at bandcamp where they’re all available for various prices. While you’re there don’t forget to grab “Broke Haircut” as well for whatever price you choose to pay.

How To Dress Well-Ocean Floor For Everything

When I think of what all I can say about this track I find that I’m a bit of loss for words. Just a few days ago I made a tweet about how I wanted another album from Tom Krell and in the next few months to come I’ll finally have that in the form of a sophomore LP titled Total Loss. If you’re not familiar with Krell he’s a philosophy graduate student who just happens to be the brainchild of the breathtaking r&b and lo fi infused project that is How To Dress Well. In my opinion he helped to start the 80’s and 90’s r&b revival that artists like Active Child, The Weeknd, and Top Girls are known for so it’s only right to say that he’s one of the best in the genre. “Ocean Floor For Everything" does everything right and in true HTDW fashion it doesn’t disappoint at all. I only found this song about an hour ago and already I’ve played it through about five or six times. So to say that I’m ecstatic for this release would be an understatement. For now you can listen to more material over on soundcloud and stream his recent Just Once EP along with his amazing debut LP Love Remains via spotify.

French Kissing-I Want More

Get your day started off right with a song about girls and feelings. “I Want More" comes from London three piece French Kissing, another gem that I discovered while looking around bandcamp. Their sounds is a mixture lo fi garage rock with a chilled out surf vibe and a good bit of 60’s psychedelic pop. They’ve just released two singles, “Love Is For" and "Wild Women" as double A sides which are available for streaming on their bandcamp page. You can also pick up this track there as well for free.