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Les Sins-Prelim

Like just about everyone else, I’ve been a fan of Chaz Bundick and Toro y Moi ever since Causers of This first made its way into my ears, so when I heard of his alter ego dance project, Les Sins, I didn’t hesitate to take a listen. Last month when Bundick dropped “Fetch" and "Taken”, two tracks from his upcoming full length out on March 18th via JIALONG, I wasn’t taken back like I had expected to be but that was no reason to give up hope (and I’m glad that I didn’t). A few days ago the internet was treated to two more tracks from the album: the seductive, funk laden “Grind" and the eerie, hip hop driven, lean inducing "Prelim" and thus, my faith in Les Sins was restored. I don’t know how Bundick does it and frankly, I’m not sure anyone does, but as with his other material, Les Sins is growing to be something that could only come from the mind of Chaz himself and with "Grind" and Prelim", this upcoming LP is definitely shaping up to be promising, fresh, and ingenuous to say the least.



Thanks to UK music blog Music Fan’s Mic, Bristol’s Duck/House has been floating around my radar for quite some time now and if they aren’t on yours by now then they certainly should be. The band has been steadily dropping bits from their upcoming Frowns EP, due out sometime soon, and with each track Duck/House builds anticipation for their debut release by weaving finesse and a slick 80’s esque charm into their sound. Clearly they’re not the first ones to have a go at this style but there’s a strong sense of individuality to be heard in their material and “RUN" is a prime example of this. The track smoothly glides along with seductive intentions as it drips with a funky yet upbeat nature that instantly sends grooves down your spine and leaves you wanting more before it’s even over. If you’re looking for a band to watch out for this year then make sure that Duck/House is one of them. Check out more from the band over on soundcloud and give them a like on facebook to stay in the loop. 



Electrifying, fun, and slightly addictive. That and more comes to mind after hearing the sounds of London based duo SWIM. The group consists of Joe Boyle & Richard Williams and once you hear their debut EP Ride, you’ll find it incredibly hard to deny the fact that the have a knack for creating music that’s certain to get you off of your ass and ready to have a damn good time. The title track is  driven by a slight 80’s era kick that makes the listener feel like they’ve just walked right into a nightclub filled with flashing lights and people having their share of drinks, drugs, and whatever else comes along. Boyle’s vocals sound especially charming from start to finish and they’re complimented amazingly by the deep, pulsating synths and other vivacious electronics that surround “Ride”. The EP will be officially released on October 22nd through Bad Life but in the meantime SWIM had made both tracks (“Ride" & "Hold On”) available for streaming through their soundcloud page for our listening pleasure. So crank that volume to full blast and get prepared to dance or just nod your head and tap your foot like crazy. 


Subvader-Asteroid Chase

For something that hasn’t been around for half a year, PORTALS has grown to be exceedingly well known for delivering the latest music from various fresh underground artists. I myself constantly visit the PORTALS website and they’ve yet to disappoint me with the wide amount of sounds that they have to offer. Yesterday they posted about another extremely talented artist, Peter Wiley, a producer from Ann Arbor who makes music as Subvader. On tuesday Wiley dropped his first release Forever Leaving, a 16 minute dance worthy ep full of mystifying ambiance, spacey atmospheres, and plenty of slick beats to dazzle and captivate the listener. “Asteroid Chase" is the intro track and it’s a great way to kick things off. You can stream this track and the rest of Foever Leaving over on soundcloud or bandcamp. The ep is also available for free download from either site.  


Sexy Mathematics-Future Nights (Box of Wolves Remix)

I’ve featured Box of Wolves on the blog before when I posted about his Crawl EP and now he’s back with a nice remix for us all. “Future Nights" is a song originally done by indie dance rock band Sexy Mathematics and Box of Wolves has taken the track and turned into something completely different. This cover is drenched in luscious synths and smooth 808’s then backed by an R&B type vocal loop and also vocals from Box of Wolves. His take on “Future Nights” is definitely something that I could hear blasting in the club or playing at home to set the mood for a good night. You can visit Box of Wolves bandcamp page to grab his Crawl EP for free and don’t forget to head over to soundcloud to hear the rest of his tracks. The original is available on Sexy Mathermatics bandcamp for free but if you want the entire album (also titled Future Nights) it costs $10.


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