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Chad Valley- I Owe You (feat. Twin Shadow)

Back in August when I heard “Fall 4 U”, the first cut from Chad Valley's upcoming full length Young Hunger, I thought that it’d just be another quality release to add to the dozens that’ve already dropped this year, but now that I’ve heard the collaborative track between him and Twin Shadow titled “I Owe You" I’m thinking that Young Hunger is going to be way more than just another solid LP and more so along the lines of being one of the best pop albums or albums in general of 2012. Some of you may think that the whole 80’s comeback thing is starting to get played out or that it has been for awhile now but "I Owe You" goes well beyond being another song that’s influenced by a sound that’s over two decades old. What you get with this track is a pure, undeniably catchy pop gem and a astounding duet as well between two vocalists who are almost complete opposite yet who fit together perfectly. As I listen to it I’m holding back the urge to sing every word & possibly weird out most of the people sitting around me in the process but once I get a hold of Young Hunger on the 30th I don’t know if I’ll be able to stop myself any longer.  

Chad Valley-Fall 4 U (feat. Glasser)

It always excites me when I see an artist that I’ve been following for awhile announce that they’re about to drop a full length, and it’s even better when said news comes with a promising track to get me hyped for what’s to come. Oxford resident Chad Valley has been filling my ears with lush and sensual dream pop ever since I first came across his debut self titled EP about a year ago and then he did it again (with a more polished sound) once I picked up his second EP Equatorial Ultravox. I caught word through his twitter that he’d be releasing something fresh and much to my surprise, news of his first LP accompanied the new track. “Fall 4 U" is the name of the first single from Valley’s upcoming album Young Hunger and right from the beginning it’s evident that he has taken the time to improve in every area.  The track is easily one of the smoothest things that we’ve heard to date from Chad and part of that sensual nature comes from the always pleasing vocals of Glasser (Cameron Mesirow). “Fall 4 U” sounds absolutely delightful in every way and though it isn’t saturated by hazy synths or bright, tropical electronics like a good bit of Chad Valley’s prior material, it still does a great job of setting the mood with its slow, sultry vibe and laid back pop feel. Young Hunger is scheduled to be released through Cascine on October 30th in the US and November 18th in the UK, and with guest appearances from the likes of Twin Shadow, Active Child, and more, it’s looking to be another solid release to add to the list of dozens that’ve already come out this year.


Here’s the tracklist for the first mixtape that I did way back in March when the blog first started. Though a lot of you may have already heard it, I re uploaded it so it could stream as a single mp3. Feel free to like and reblog and as always support the artists anyway that you can. Enjoy!

  1. Com Truise-Hyperlips
  2. Toro y Moi-All Alone
  3. Giraffage-Visible
  4. Chad Valley-Reach Lines
  5. Blouse-They Always Fly Away
  6. Twin Shadow-Yellow Balloon
  7. Minks-Ophelia
  8. Twin Sister-Space Babe
  9. Washed Out-Lately
  10. Keep Shelly In Athens-Lazy Noon
  11. Corduroi-Crustacean
  12. Neon Indian-Future Sick
  13. McWolf-WAIT4IT
  14. PEPEPIANO-Gym Mystique
  15. Real Estate-It’s Real
  16. Reading Rainbow-Let’s Dream Tonight
  17. Stoner Showers-I WANT U 2 KNOW
  18. Wild Nothing-Cloudbusting
  19. Tearjerker-Focus
  20. Teeel-Masterplan
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Continuing with the r&b vibes from my last post here’s another amazing track from an upcoming release that I’ve been waiting on for quite some time. “Neptune" is the first single off of Lemonade's sophomore LP Diver, which is due out next Tuesday. The Brooklyn three piece has slightly changed styles from their debut album Pure Moods and this time around deliver more of a smooth r&b experience while still keeping some chillwave elements of past material. Diver is streaming in it’s entirety through the band’s record label’s website, True Panther and let me just say that it went well past my expectations. Even though I’ve only recently discovered Lemonade a few months ago they’ve already became one group that are constantly playing on my laptop. I’d highly suggest listening to the album yourself and you can do so here or via spotify. Also don’t forget to check out more material from the band over on soundcloud. Recommended for fans of Beat Connection, Chad Valley, and Kisses.