Sean Renner-Marble Hill

I’m starting today’s posts with an artist a bit different from my usual material but regardless of genre I think he’s well deserving of being heard. His name is Sean Renner and he’s signed to a independent folk/ pop label based in Denver that goes by Morning Bird Records. I’d never heard of Sean until about last week but ever since I’ve listened to his latest LP Seven Days countless times. At first listen it may seem to just be a nice blend of soft acoustics, pianos, and electronics but each time I played it through I found that what made it really stick out was the amount of unique sounds that went into every track. With that being said, at it’s core Seven Days is a work of experimentation and imaginative beauty that’s also a small window into the mind of Renner. The album is available on bandcamp for $7 and while you’re there you can also check out Sean’s two prior LPs Sekhmet and The Blossoms of Armageddon.


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