This is the first interview I’ve done in about a year and I’m very excited. I wanted to start out right so I thought about one of my favorite current artists, Saskatchewan. They’re a five piece from Orlando, FL and a group that I feel definitely needs to be heard. Luckily their frontman Chandler replied to the facebook message I sent and agreed to answer a few questions for this interview. 

CR: How did Saskatchewan come about and what are your inspirations?

CS: Around a year and a half ago I was playing drums in a few other bands.
I began a sideproject – Saskatchewan - recording at home just to have
the opportunity to play other instruments. It grew into the project
that became my main focus and over time all the other fellows were
added to the lineup.

I’m inspired by tones. Right now it’s especially analog synth sounds.
Interesting effects and learning new methods of recording and creating
get me pumped as well. I’m also inspired when I see others creating
great things. Those are the things that cause me to want to make

CR: Some people would fit the band into the “chillwave” label.
How do you feel about the genre and how would you describe the music
Saskatchewan makes?
CS: I’ve heard that label a few times. When I think of chillwave I thinkof one “producer” making sample-centered hip-hop inspired beats with heavy sidechained synth pads and underwhelming live shows. We do have some similar attributes to chillwave – electronic drums, airy synths, a lot of effects – but I would say that we aren’t really chillwave. Dreampop is the most common genre we’re associated with and I thinkthat’s pretty accurate. In reality the genre/labels don’t really matter too much anyway.

CR: What’s the best and worst experience you’ve had while touring?

CS: We’re a pretty young band so there aren’t a ton of stories to draw
from yet. The best experience touring so far is just getting to
travel. Nothing specific comes to mind for me. But driving through
mountains and experiencing cold weather is a highlight when you’re
from Florida. The worst experience was this one time when we were in
Tallahassee. We had parked the van on a friend of our host’s lawn to
then walk to some parties. While we were gone that friend (who turns
out was at the same parties) keyed bitches in the hood and had us
towed. No fun.

CR: If Saskatchewan could tour with any three current artists who would they be and why?

CS: I know I’ll forget someone important. Blood Orange, Bear in Heaven,
M83. All of those artists are people who I really respect and would be
honored to play with. Also I think our music would vibe well together.

CR: Music festivals have been getting bigger and more popular with
every year. If you could pick one ideal festival to play which one
would it be?

CS: Sasquatch or Primevera Sound. Mostly because of where they’re located,
I’ve never been to Seattle or Spain.

CR: If you could give any advice to up and coming bands or someone
looking to start making music what would you tell them?

CS: We are still a young band so I don’t have heaps of wisdom to share.
The one thing I have learned through the process of this project is
how powerful the internet really is. It’s a huge resource and I would
recommend to anyone making music that it not be wasted. There are
people who are constantly looking for new music to discover, you just
have to be proactive in getting it to them.

CR: Here’s a completely random question. Who has more “hipster” cred? Lana del Rey or Zooey Deschanel?

CS: Haha. That is a great question. I really love Lana Del Rey’s first
three singles. Whether she wrote them or not they are great songs. I
still haven’t listened to the full album though. After all of those
terrible reviews I was afraid that it might ruin the first three songs
for me so I have stayed away. That being said I can’t stand Zooey
Dechanel’s voice or any of music she has made sans the Elf soundtrack.
If it isn’t a Christmas song Zooey Dechanel has no business singing
it. However she probably has a lot more cred since she appears to have
been “self made.”

CR: What are Saskatchewan’s plans for the near future?

CS: We’ve been recording our first LP for the last 4 months. So the next moves are finishing, releases and touring for that album. Pretty standard stuff but it’ll be a good time.

Watch the video below for Saskatchewan’s newest track “Fronting” and to hear more from the band visit their bandcamp or soundcloud. Also be sure to go like their page on facebook to get all of the latest updates from the band.

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