Cassette Rewind

Cassette Rewind

Jonah Baseball Love Shower

So the truth is, in the future everything will be more technologically advanced. Your fridge will talk to you, Amazon will deliver your groceries daily, and your Apple headgear will seamlessly convert your outgoing thoughts to iMessage. Then there’s my shower. Dude’s seen me at my most vulnerable, day in day out, naked and barely awake. Enveloped in perfectly warmed neon water, Jonah Baseballplaying softly in the background….

“Man… I think I’m falling in love with my shower”

Jonah Baseball makes other songs, not all about showers, that you can check over on his soundcloud. If you liked this, he said “some day [soon] i’m gonna put out some music i worked really hard on”. Nice!

Author: Joe

naps. - for sale

Hydrate, the debut album from Australia’s naps., sounds like a beat-centric, hip-hop tape made by somebody who just got way too high somewhere along the way. The end result comes off as a sound collage with waves of psychedelia slowly rolling over it, while bursts of intricate digital manipulation steadily move to keep the album bright, complex, noisy, and fun.

For Sale” transports the listener to another world where New Age electronics are still very popular and hip-hop beats are rotting and festering at the bottom of a deep, dark ocean. It’s all quite pleasant, really.

Hydrate is now available digitally and on tape via This Thing.


Mirror Kisses - Genius

From all of the musical pleasures that last year brought us, one shining highlight came in a glamorous, sweat soaked, fit of passion by way of George Clanton aka Mirror Kisses.

Properly titled Heartbeats, the sophomore full length from the Virginia based synthpopper is an album that’s brimming with exuberance and subtly traced with every intention to make you feel alive, just like Clanton’s live performances.

Luckily I had the opportunity to catch Mirror Kisses’ set at a house show in DC a few months back and even though I blame it partly on the alcohol, I left feeling elated. The new video for “Genius" was partly shot on that same night and though it may not induce those exact same feelings, it’ll certainly have you moving along with Mirror Kisses ravishing sound in a matter of no time. 

Heartbeats is now up digitally for a “name your own” price and on vinyl for $12 via bandcamp.

Author: Jon 

Philip Grass - Find

Imagine how it felt to witness jazz music come to prominence in the early 1900’s as you’re experiencing an entirely new musical style become recognized. You watch as it envelopes the interest of young listeners, expands the creativity of experienced musicians and breaks down social confines in art; perhaps even upsetting those who refuse to accept cultural change and progression. I feel that in the last few decades we’ve felt a ripple of that foundational change in music, with the introduction of the sampler.

Historically there has been a strong sonic and cultural distinction between completely natural or digital sounds. A synthesizer or sampler is seen with different respect than a saxophone or piano, both in recorded and live environments. Generally their sounds are different, and in extreme cases so are their listeners and users. Subsequently it has been my desire to see this distinction become blurry and for the worlds of acoustic and digital sound to merge into indistinguishable soundscape, for the sake of progression and the appreciation of art no matter it’s process or origin. This has been achieved by few thus far, and I feel its still rare to find material that well-represents a balance of sampled, acoustic and digital material. With that being said, the track “Find” from Portland duo Philip Grass is one of the finest examples of that union I’ve heard in recent years.

The sense of space and musicality is so natural throughout the album, it’s as if the sampled passages we’re being performed as a voice, free from the confines of a metronome or digital environment. From the hazy vocals of title track Find, to the latin-influenced kick drum patterns of All I Need, to any of the numerous hand-selected piano passages, the EP almost performs as a living, breathing entity. Every track builds upon it’s own phrasing and introduces stylistic change so well, it’s as if it’s parts belong solely to one another. This I feel is the progression of sampled music, the beauty in living in present moment, in relinquishing the ability to discern the origin of sound. Listen to Find from start to finish, and let it envelop you in the uniqueness and future of music.

You can purchase the album from the Dropping Gems bandcamp page.

Author: Alec

PREMIERE: A Gap Between - Being Here With You

Nostalgia can be a funny thing. When we’re experiencing those moments that eventually become something that’s held dear, it’s impossible to know where they’ll take us, but that’s what makes them all the more special. 

The music of Portland’s A Gap Between has always been a constant tug between the hazy memories of the past and the promising charm of what’s to come, and with his debut full length, Summer Nightrunner, Micheal John delivers an irreplaceable experience. Basking in an incandescent luster and gently swaying throughout lavish electronics, Summer Nightrunner is the soundtrack for all of the occasions that life brings in its brightest, and even darkest, of hours. 

You can grab the release digitally or on cassette via Nueva Forma's bandcamp page. 

Author: Jon