A Forest // The Shepard

Even though Berlin’s A Forest recently found their way back to create new music after a three year break, their latest effort is shaping up to be their most ambitious yet. Grace is set to drop on October 2nd and if A Forest’s leading single, “The Shepard" is the first that you’ve heard from this three piece then expect to make some room for plenty of international loving. With "The Shepard", A Forest hits in a peculiar maner, but it’s one that’s filled with wonder and soul nonetheless. Unfolding into more than initially meets the ears, A Forest weaves heaps of blossoming beauty into something that only lasts a little over four minutes, and it never fades.

Grace will be available digitally and on vinyl via Analogsoul.

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It’s no secret that we love new artists and if I could name one group that has had my full attention for the past few months, it’d be the dreamy California newcomers, Cre·scen·do. With their debut album, Lost in Thoughts dropping today, I recently chatted with the band’s vocalist/ guitarist Gregory Cole to talk about their roots in music, influences on the album, and future plans for spreading their message to listeners everywhere. 

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Abhi//Dijon // 13

All it takes is one listen to Maryland’s Abhi//Dijon to know that the Maryland based duo has something special. When I stumbled on the earlier track “Twelve" I knew right from the start that this was a group that didn’t stray away from being called R&B but with their latest self titled release, I’ve come to realize that while they embrace these influences and make them work in their favor, they’re also taking it to another level in the process, Throughout the four track release, Abhi//Dijon smoothly impassions bodies with enticing beats, velvet soft vocals, and sincere lyricism that could easily make you mistake it for being crafted during the time when R&B was back at its finest. Up until now Abhi// Dijon has quietly made their way under a lot of radars, but if the recent attention that this group has recieved is any indication of what’s to come then there’s no doubt that they’ll find a place in headphones everywhere soon enough.

You can grab the self titled EP for free over on soundcloud.

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RIVERS // Milk and Honey

It’s not everyday that I come across an artist that fully captivates  and leads me to dig through each and every piece of music that they have available, so when the off chance actually happens it stands out as something special. Judging from her soundcloud page, Cardiff’s RIVERS has been laying down her eclectic and emotionally investing sound since sometime last year and by now, it should be a crime that she hasn’t recieved more attention for it. For all of those unfamiliar, RIVERS voice is competely staggering and hypnotic throughout every track, but against the swirling bouts of darkness on her latest track, “Milk and Honey”, it stands out more than ever. Going through RIVERS releases, it’s easy to see that she can make the same unforgettable impression in any atmosphere so the only thing that’s left to wonder is when this newcomer is going to take off.

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Delicate Features // Kiss By The Sea

To take us away from the present or to help us relish in it. Whether it’s a place that only exists in imagination or somewhere that lies in the past or future to come, music can bring us anywhere. When I first came across Saint Petersburg’s Delicate Features, I could believe this more than ever. Described as a haunted romance duo, Delicate Features combines layers of frigid ambiance with seductive undertones and soothing vocals that often only appear as nothing more than an echoed whisper. Passion fills the atmosphere on “Kiss By The Sea" and though things seem isolated to a point, things never stop growing and shifting. Puncturing the limits of ambient sound, Delicate Features moves in their own way while leading us to the unknown and entrancing with every step.

Their debut album, The Passenger, is available on cassette via Not Not Fun and digitally via Midheaven.

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