Dream Bear // Sleepdiver

Though they recently dropped their Wild Sleep EP earlier this year, the members of Chicago’s Savage Sister are still keeping busy and churning out ethereal slivers of pop in other ventures as well. If you’ve been looking in the right places then the group’s producer, Micheal Tenzer, is someone that you should be familiar with and if not, then his new project will bring about plenty of interest. Under the alias Dream Bear, Tenzer takes a step away from the reverb heavy gauze of Savage Sister and propels far into a radiant territory that sits high above the clouds. With “Sleepdiver”, listeners are led out into an open sky rushing with warm tones and mesmerizing echoes. If there was ever a chance to make a wish, then it’d be spent wanting to reach out and grab it all as tightly as possible. 

Author: Jon




For our latest installment, we got the chance to sit down with the London-based producer Bewilderbeast to discuss his latest track, forthcoming album, and writing process.

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Slow Magic // Hold Still

“I died.” “hoooly shit.” “That was cool.” “You killed me.”

The comments above from Soundcloud do a pretty good job of summing up “Hold Still”, the latest single from Slow MagicThe song starts out as a small brush fire, spreading and growing about halfway through the song. It’s a pretty chill IDM track, definitely fitting the fog-machine aesthetic that Slow Magic has built around himself. Once the song builds up, it doesn’t even hit the zenith until the very end, with a drop so entrancing that it (apparently) kills the listener. Then when it’s over, you can repeat and ascend with the track all over again.

Slow Magic’s new album, How To Run Away, is out on September 9th via Downtown Records and you can preorder it here on iTunes.

Author: Joe


Tora // Eat The Sun

Australia’s Tora are one of those bands that you wish you’d heard well before you actually did. Hearing their debut EP for the very first time seemed to fill some sort of void that I didn’t even know was there. With every new release, I find myself anticipating to relive that same experience but each time, I’m met with something more memorable. “Eat The Sun" is the latest offering to come out of the groups recent slew of singles and it could definitely be their most impressive and diverse effort to date. Gently coasting along vivid textures guided by a particularly tender falsetto,"Eat The Sun", is a radiant gem of fleeting affection that’s sure to get you well acquainted with these budding newcomers.

Author: Jon



Drawing comparisons to the likes of Best Coast and Seapony, it hasn’t taken long for the Charleston duo known as Tape Waves to make an impact with their warm and hazy pop sound. With their debut LP, Let You Go, on the horizon the band has put together this wonderful mix to cool off your humid summer days and fill them with bliss. 


1. stefanie bannister - chile song
2. eternal summers - lightswitch
3. katie the pest - spit it out
4. wild nothing - asleep
5. grass widow - under the atmosphere
6. gold bears - for you
7. the aislers set - california
8. space daze - line up on the solstice
9. gingerlys - jumprope
10. la luz - pink slime
11. franny and zooey - i love you
12. widowspeak - true believer
13. the go-go’s - how much more


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